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For more information on storage sheds or any of our products please call (401)-683-1017.
Standard Features
  •  All sheds come standard with one door (36" Single, 4' or 5' Double), one window (with flowerbox and shutters) and gable vents.
  • You have your choice of seven roof shingles.
  • Most sheds are delivered on our truck and trailer as shown above. 
  • There is an additional charge for sheds that have to be built on-site.
  • Sheds are available in 8 different roof lines. Please stop by to see displays of all sheds.
  • Additional doors and windows can be added to any shed.
  • Storage lofts and ramps can also be added.
  • There are 5 different siding options priced for every style shed.
  • We are always willing to custom build the perfect shed for our customers.
Site Requirements
  • Permits -  The home owner is responsible to obtain any permits required by the town.
  • Homeowner is responsible for site prep. Area must be free of trees, brush, stumps and protruding rocks.
Storage Sheds
Low Wall Gambrel Price List
Warehouse Price List
Bow Roof Price List
Storage Sheds
Low Wall Gambrel

  • Small barn style.
  • Least expensive storage shed option.
  • Perfect for tractors, bikes and motorcycles.
  • Low roof line allows it to fit under branches.
  • Due to the slope of the roof this shed is sold without a window.
Warehouse Shed

  • Interesting roof design with 11" overhang on the front.
  • Low roof line allow it to fit under branches.
  • Same interior storage space as a Gable End.
  • Has room in rafters for fishing poles or rakes.
Bow Roof

  • New style shed with a beautiful roofline.
  • Maximize storage space by adding a loft.
  • Doors and windows can be placed on any of the walls.
  • All 10' wide sheds must be built on-site due to height restrictions.