1960 East Main Rd.
Portsmouth, RI
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Regency Fireplace Products
     In 1975 William P. Lantz opened Bill's Sales at its present location on East Main Rd.  After working in construction and as a truck driver for many years, Bill decided to shift his focus to the building of storage sheds and lawn furniture.  During the energy crisis of the 1970s Bill began selling and delivering firewood.  This was a family business, his mother took care of all of his bookkeeping and helped by answering the phone.  His three young nephews worked with him part time after school and during summer vacations.  Bill continued to run the business until his death in 1991.  
     The family kept the business going until Bill's nephew Bob decided to take over full time.  Since taking over in 1993 Bob has expanded the line of storage sheds to include 9 different styles.  Bob has also begun to sell gazebos, arbors and other yard accessories.  As the work load increased over the years Bob has been able to hire 5 employees, including two family members.  
The two pictures above of our shop show the growth that has occurred over the years. The square footage is the same, but we have had to use all of the space available to us to allow for our expanded line of outdoor products and our pile of firewood.  If you look real close at the picture from 1980 you can actually see Bill outside on the loading dock as the picture was taken.  He is just below the 8 in 1980 surrounded by some of his picnic tables.  The day the picture was taken in 2003 Bob was out back working, but we weren't able to get his picture.  In what little spare time he has Bob works in his garage restoring Model A cars and trucks.  The picture below is the first truck that he restored named Billee. 

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