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Seasoned  Firewood
Kiln Dried Firewood
Gable End Shed
Need storage space for all your
summer items? 
Order a Storage Shed.

Cedar Storage Shed
Firewood Pricing

SeasonedGreen         Kiln Dried
        1/2 cord - $215                1/2 cord - $195        1/2 cord - $270
       1 cord - $325                     1 cord - $275         1 cord - $395

Firewood storage shed
Firewood storage shed
firewood storage shed
Firewood Sheds Available.
regency stoves and inserts
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Steep Gable Shed
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Wood Pellet Fuel

Sold by the bag or by the ton.

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Be Prepared!!!
Get a couple racks of kiln dried wood to keep you warm during the storm!!
Say it isn't SNOW!!!!